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Majestic Group Buy

Majestic has had over fifty-thousand installations, and you can easily see, which site is linking to you. Without the hassle of browsing and having to go through separate links. If you have subscribed to Majestic, you will get a free Backlink count of the data much easily comparatively.

It is fast and efficient in checking backlinks and you can see any page’s strength based on this information. Moreover, since it does not depend on the third party for data, you can see the Trust Flow, Citation Flow and Visibility Flow score very easily for any web directly through the URL bar. Get Majestic in group buy from SEO Tools Access in affordable price.

You can take a look at the summary of the page and the URLs that are linking to it as well.

Majestic Group Buy

Topical Trust Flow in Majestic

Topical Trust Flow has been integrated to the tool now, which shows the category of every backlink.

The following information is provided for free.

  • Link Profile charts
  • Link counts at the URL
  • Subdomains
  • Root level and the two Flow Metrics™ scores, which start from zero to hundred pages that you visit. However, the speed limit applies.

Majestic subscribers have the ease of linking their accounts to the extension.

Features of Majestic

Backlinks Detail

Gives a list of ten strongest backlinks to the page, which include the URL, anchor text, last seen, first seen dates and a lot more. First seen is relative to the Fresh Index in Majestic. In addition to that, the primary Topical Trust Flow is also embedded.

Anchor Text

Majestic gives a list of the strongest ten anchor texts, with a link to more of them that have been used in links to the URL, including the link counts and the domain counts. It also links to the relevant Trust Flow and Citation Flow that is associated with the following links. The primary topical trust flow is also for the embedded.


You can get yourself into the URLs by using the majestic backlink analysis tools. It can be used from the extension directly.

Add to Bucket

If you feel like reviewing the URL you can click on “add to bucket” and the URL is added to your Majestic account for an analysis later in the future when needed.