Blog Tips to Generate More Traffic on your SEO Content

Whether you are a newbie into the game of blogs or have been writing for a while, you must be aware of how challenging it is to get your website on the top in Googles search rankings. However, by using some of these SEO tips and with a little bit of persistence, you can get a head start compared to your competitors.

Although it isn’t completely known what the exact algorithm to it is, we know about the tremendous number of SEO tips that can be used in order to get a higher ranking and more visitors.

Here are some of the techniques that you should be using straight up.


As obvious as it is, writing blogs that are great is the first thing that you should be focusing on. It only gets really tough to rank on number one on Google with a blog that has less than 500 words. Moreover, the content needs to be original and not something that has already been shared. Well written and well researched blogs are relevant for the audience, which enables the visitors to keep coming back to your site. Content that is trustworthy and original helps the readers genuinely.

If you are the go-to resource considering your niche, you will automatically get links and ranks.

Relevant and Interesting Content

It is very obvious that people will only read your blog if it is something worth it. But the question here that is arises is that what is interesting content? How would be able to make sure that you come up with fresh content on a regular basis? Here’s how!

  • Use the internet to get plenty of inspiration from the web.
  • It is recommended to start it with a braid search such as “SEO” for instance.
  • Use the web as a tool for brainstorming.
  • Use the niche sub-keywords, which can be a starting point for your website.


Be aware of your competitor’s blogs and social media. Have they covered up a topic that you have not as yet? Maybe theirs does not have enough detail. What sort of content are they sharing? Always remember that it doesn’t mean if a topic has been written before, you can’t write about it again. Just be sure to bring in your own style and flare on the table.

Blog SEO Tools

Buzzsumo, which is an SEO tools helps in ranking your competitors posts using social media likes and shares. You can use this tool to find out the sort of competitors posts that are needed for you. Each post of the competitors is ranked by the popularity of social media, so you can also see the trending content.

Post Regularly

It is very important to have a regular posting schedule and it should be consistent as well. You should have a brand that readers can rely on and the best way to do so is by maintaining a calendar. Although you can create your own, there are plenty of them that can help you.


Trello is a content calendar tool and helps you create content boards, where your entire team can contribute.

It is recommended to use Trello, but WordPress Editorial Calendar and Content DJ also do the same job.


You need to make sure that the keywords you use in your content are relevant if you want to rank high on the Google searches.

What are keywords?

They are single words, phrases and terms that the users type into the search engine.

Keyword Research Tools

You can use these tools to check the ranking of the trending keywords.

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